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Pinoyliga Stats
Overall PER 12.94
Professional PER Undefined
Collegiate PER Undefined
Casual Elite PER Undefined
Casual Standard PER 12.94
40 and Above PER Undefined
High School PER Undefined
Rebound Per Game 9.0
Points Per Game 8.09
Assist Per Game 4.81
Blocks Per Game 0.9
Steals Per Game 1.0
FG % 38.55%
FT % 66.66%
2's % 54.0%
3's % 15.15%

Player Description

Xavier Nunag is a Pinoy basketball player. Xavier always wanted to help filipino basketball community by sharing his sport experience. Xavier has recent statistics of 12.94 player efficiency rating (PER), 38.55 field goal percentage (FG%), 66.66 free throw percentage (FT%), 54.0 two points percentage (2PT%), 15.15 three points percentage (3PT%), 8.09 points per game (PPG), 4.81 assist per game (APG), 9.0 rebound per game (RPG), 0.9 blocks per game(BPG), 1.0 steals per game (SPG).

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