Pinoy cagers from the South, say hello to Pilipinas VisMin Super Cup!

  • Mar 15, 2021

There's a new league on the block!

Mr. Rocky Chan, Chief of Operations tell us more about this new league — the Pilipinas VISMIN Super Cup on an exclusive interview made by Facebook fan page Basketball Republic. Mr. Rocky Chan was in the basketball scene for 20 years, gaining experience from different basketball teams in Cagayan De Oro. Mr. Rocky is involve in MBC, Liga ng Pilipinas and many other regional leagues in the Philippines. His passion and love for the sport of basketball paves way as this new league was born.

“The main goal of this league is to bring back the old times of basketball” Mr. Chan said in aninterview with the Basketball Republic via Calamansi App. "Wag sana gawing politika ang basketball”.

Mr. Chan was asked why they decided to put up a pro league, rather than a semi-pro or amateur league. According to him, “We planned it for more than a year but because of pandemic the plan went on-hold. Months and almost a year went by bawal pa din ang non-pro leagues ang i-aallow lang daw is pro-League so to get their vision ayun nag-pro kami.”

He was also asked about their vision for the league. The vision is to promote home talent and to generate more jobs and to accommodate player from Visayas and Mindanao. “This vision came up kasi nga mapapansin namin madaming talents ang mga Pinoy, we want to focus in Visayas and Mindanao to give opportunity to the young guns na ayaw pumunta ng Manila”. Mr. Chan said. He added that they are not here to compete with other leagues.

Mr. Rocky Chan explained the format of the league. He said each team will have six local players which originated from the place that they will be representing and ensure that these players have a lot of playing time.

All the players have a uniform contract in their team. In case of an emergency, an opportunity to transfer to other leagues or to represent the country arise, the mother team has the authority to decide on the matter and they will not hinder the player to chose the career path he wanted to take.

The pioneer season will be joined by 12 teams - six teams from Visayas and six teams from Mindanao. Because of pandemic, they have already planned to have a bubble in both Visayas and Mindanao leg with the winners of both bubbles to face in the Finals.