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Pinoyliga Stats
Overall PER -0.51
Professional PER Undefined
Collegiate PER Undefined
Casual Elite PER Undefined
Casual Standard PER -0.51
40 and Above PER Undefined
High School PER Undefined
Rebound Per Game 2.0
Points Per Game 1.66
Assist Per Game 0
Blocks Per Game 0
Steals Per Game 0.66
FG % 18.18%
FT % 0%
2's % 11.11%
3's % 50.0%

Player Description

Aav Navalta is a Pinoy basketball player. Aav always wanted to help filipino basketball community by sharing his sport experience. Aav has recent statistics of -0.51 player efficiency rating (PER), 18.18 field goal percentage (FG%), 0.0 free throw percentage (FT%), 11.11 two points percentage (2PT%), 50.0 three points percentage (3PT%), 1.66 points per game (PPG), 0.0 assist per game (APG), 2.0 rebound per game (RPG), 0.0 blocks per game(BPG), 0.66 steals per game (SPG).

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